We are not just another consulting company.  At FLUIDMECH we solve highly complex problems ranging from component level to system level. We do the co relation, design optimization and design change recommendation. We ensure that the results make sense.
FLUIDMECH understands the requirements of customer, where there is a rapid ramp up of employees is needed, Or a particular skill is needed for a specified duration, we look into clients requirement and provide our employees.


Compressible  and Incompressible flows
Transient and steady state flow
Laminar & turbulent flows
Conjugate heat transfer 
Fluid Structure Interaction 
Multiphase flow
Heat transfer
Design change recommendations

Automotive Expertise

 Vehicle Thermal Management
 Front End Cooling
 Under hood
 In cylinder calculation
 Water jacket 
 Electronic Cooling

 De icing
 Climate Control
 Passenger Comfort
 Power-train CFD
 Intake & exhaust Manifolds


Other Expertise

Wind and gas turbine
Building HVAC
Heat exchangers
Industrial valves
Consumer products